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• 10/13/2018

Using data from Juggling Wiki in app

I am making a juggling app. In my app, users can discover new tricks from a library of juggling tricks. May I use data from the Juggling Wiki to populate my library of juggling tricks?

I have parsed the data from the Juggling Wiki into a JSON file (available here) to include in the app. Specifically I would like to use text and the .gif animations, as seen in the image below.

Post image
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• 7/3/2018

How do a Juggle Wiki page

Hi Alex Lubker, it is to know how to put a video and the link of the video and a photo on my page Juggle Wiki "Hadrien de Crozals" ?
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• 7/7/2018

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• 7/2/2017

Social meeting places for jugglers?

I am a 17 year old girl and I have been juggling 4 years now and want to learn more. I want to meet other people that also can juggle and learn from others because I am a little lonely when it comes to juggling and people here in this area can't or is not a skilled juggler. I am from western Norway and live on an island. 

I just wondered if there are any juggling festivals or places where jugglers can meet and learn from each other in Scandinavia or preferably in Western Norway in 2017 or next year?                                                              

I don't know if anybody is active here but I just wanted to ask :D
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• 10/4/2014

How to go about properly posting records

I am going to be breaking a bunch of the records on here in the upcoming months and i am wondering how about to go about editing the wiki. So i dont mess up :/ I already technically have one  (4 ball reverse fountain) its only 2:30 minutes but there isnt a better record on here so does that technically count? I mean i would like to go around and fill up all the "blank spaces" in the wiki where there isnt a record.. like for example in reverse cascade where is the 3 4, 5, and 6 ball records?....
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• 1/8/2014

Message from a Wikia contributor

HI , this is Tony Fercos
Firs time I see this juggle wiki. Nice good information aboud jugglers. I didn"t know all this 
pingpong  guys jugglers. Im sure there are even more of them .
Now I like to give you some information about me and my pingpong balls.
4. balls i did 25 tempos. 1 tempo one rotation,   100 blows
5.bals , 4.tempos     
6.bals 3. tempos
7. bals 2. tempos
8. bals 1.tempo
This was my personal best .
thanks  Tony fercos
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• 11/27/2013

Outside throws

Why isn't Nikolai Gerasimovs 8 club flash in outside throws a world record? doesn't it count?
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• 9/17/2013

diabolo numbers

shouldn't there be separate records for diabolos, high amd low?
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• 5/14/2013

[Request-Poll] Change the background?

Congrats for making this page, and to everyone who has contributed.
I want to share my opinion about the design of the background of this wiki to this day.
I think the background is too distracting and instead of making the page look good, it just clutters.
There are a lot of adds (Im seeing four at the time I'm writing, one bar at the bottom, one bar at the top, one horizontal banner at the top, and one banner at the right side) and the backround isn't helping with all that mess.
What do you think. Is it possible to change it? or do you like it the way it is now?
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• 4/21/2013

Message from a Wikia contributor

why is Trixie's video so short?  Is there another one somewhere that shows her juggling???
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